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Myler Cheekpieces

Every bit is a combination of a mouthpiece and a cheekpiece. Myler Bits offer numerous cheeks to complement their mouthpieces. When choosing a bit for your horse, first consider the mouthpiece and then match it with the cheek that will suit both your needs and those of the horse.

Cheeks are available in rings and shanks. Rings are usually considered to give direct action, (where all pressure exerted by the rider goes directly into the horse's mouth at the angle of pull), whilst shanks are used for leverage. Leverage means that when the reins are pulled upwards and backwards by the rider, the mouthpiece rolls downwards and backwards in the mouth while downward pressure is exerted on the poll. Leverage also maximises the effect of Independent Side Action.

However, Myler Bits offer hooks on rings as well as combination bits both of which allow ring bits to operate in a similar way to leverage bits.

Whilst the choice of mouthpiece has to be made on the basis of the horse's mouth anatomy, level of training and disposition; the cheek selection depends on the rider (and sometimes the discipline). If the rider's hands are sympathetic and relaxed, he can look to a wider choice of cheeks, including those offering a considerable degree of leverage. A rider with quicker or heavier hands, however, should be wary of a leverage cheek, as this will accentuate the effect of his hands to the detriment of the horse.

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