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Myler Mouthpieces

Myler Bits will only be really effective as a training aid if the rider is as responsive to the horse as he wants the horse to be to him, - firstly in selecting the most appropriate bit for his horse and secondly in the way he rides it.

Myler Bits are more forgiving for novice riders than traditional bits as they are shaped to fit the horse's mouth and have a no-pinch action. However, they will only work to full effect if a horse is allowed some freedom for his tongue when working correctly into the bridle. Tongue pressure is applied as a command but the pressure must be released when the horse has responded correctly, or there is no reward and therefore no incentive to learn.

Myler mouthpieces are all curved to fit around the tongue and to meet the outside of the bars and lips at a more sympathetic angle. A centre barrel restricts the degree of collapse, giving jointed bits a wrapping rather than a nutcracker action on the bars and lips.

The barrel also gives Independent Side Movement which allows the rider to give a much clearer signal to the horse. This only works to its full potential when using a cheek with hooks to fix the position of the headstall and reins on the cheek ring. Use of the hooks also ensures that the bit is held off the tongue unless actively pulled onto it by the rider and this again is part of the reward process.

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