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Myler Sweet Iron Bits

Many Myler Bit mouthpieces are made from Sweet Iron instead of Stainless Steel. Sweet Iron has been a favourite of Western riders for years and is now becoming popular with English riders.

Sweet Iron is made from black iron and copper, creating a metal that promotes moisture in the horse's mouth. The black iron and copper compound slowly oxidises and rusts. Slow-acting and harmless to horses, the oxidation has a sweet taste that horses like and which encourages salivation. This metal will almost always discolour. The cheeks and all the joints of the bits are made from stainless steel and will not rust or bind.

Whereas copper, also used to encourage salivation, is soft, prone to wear and expensive; sweet iron is inexpensive and strong. A mouthpiece made of Sweet Iron will last years and years and the rust will not flake off or harm the horse. Riders need to be informed about this wonderful metal and how best to care for their bits.

Myler Sweet Iron Bits stocked in the UK and Ireland are as follows:

Tips for keeping your Sweet Iron Bit looking good

For best results and care of Sweet Iron bits, always wipe the mouthpiece thoroughly after riding. Not only does this keep the bit clean, but it slows down the rust even more. The hinged area of the bit is stainless steel, so it will not rust and/or seize up with wear.

More information is being included on the Myler swing tickets, explaining the above to help ease customer concern.

The quality and integrity of all Myler bits is guaranteed

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