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Neue Schule - Bit Research and Development

All of our bits are the product of in-depth research and development from strength testing and chemical analysis to product trials and evaluation - our well known patented Salox Gold material and patented designs are a testament to this.

Salox Gold

Neue Schule Salox, the material of choice for all of our bits, was selected for its excellent thermal conductivity which creates the ideal environment for bitting as it readily warms to the temperature of the mouth and retains this temperature, in basic terms the horse readily accepts the bit as it does not feel like a cold foreign object.

The graph demonstrates the speed in which NS Salox Gold heats as opposed to other metals on the market.

More information about the Merits of Neue Schule Salox Gold.

Computer Aided design at Work

Sophisticated software has enabled us create three dimensional models which can be developed into realistic and fuctional designs with a high degree of accuracy.

Product Trials

Our bits undergo extensive field user trials by professional and novice riders alike, it is not until they have been proven in use that we will start a full production run.

View our range of Neue Schule Bits or view Neue Schule - How New Bit Designs Evolve.

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