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Showing Horse Bits

The Beval

Need more control than an ordinary snaffle?

The Beval has a mild lever action. This causes the cheeks to tilt forwards and the mouthpiece to lift up. The horse simultaneously feels the poll pressure and the upward action of the bit within the mouth. It is very effective for horses or ponies that are strung out or poke their nose. It is especially useful for the child or novice rider who does not possess either the technique or the strength in the leg to obtain a nice round outline. A comfortable modernised lozenged mouthpiece ensures a consistent light contact.

The Swales Pelham

Does your horse tend to overbend in a Pelham. The Swales Pelham is the only Pelham to remove poll pressure and increase curb action. This clever design is brilliant to combat strong rude horses and/or those with a tendency to lean/snatch down. Lightness and outline is established and any tendency to overbend is usually eradicated. Many horses tend to overbend in other pelhams owing to the poll pressure. The new slimmer curvy mouthpiece is brilliant for horses with tongue evasions as it gives tongue relief and also proves more difficult for the horse to draw the tongue back and get it over the top. Excellent for use on a horse that fully understands the aids by a rider with good hands.

The Waterford Pelham

Does your horse try to pull you out of the saddle? Used for more control especially beneficial at preventing horses from leaning and pulling down. The mouthpiece is "bendy" so prohibits the horse from gaining purchase on the mouthpiece, fixing and "going"! This design is very popular in the show ring especially with the cresty necked show cobs. It almost invariably gives the desired degree of control, lifts the shoulder and softens the neck for flexion and bend. The modern Waterford mouthpiece is lighter and shaped for a faster response. Another improvement is the "shelf" created for the lips to rest which has proved beneficial for horses that have previously sustained rubs in this area.

The Pelham

Does your horse fix in a standard pelham? This Pelham is designed to be comfortable promoting a round outline and lift up from the shoulder. Often sourced for control and self-carriage, this Pelham incorporates a rounded lilted lozenge producing more feel and response as opposed to a standard solid mouthpiece that can be wooden and fixed. Often a progression for the novice horse that has been previously shown in a French link or lozenged mouthpiece.

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