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Who Uses Sprenger

Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin CBE, British elite dressage rider, is the most successful British dressage rider in dressage history and the winner of all major titles and world records in the sport. Charlotte has the following to say about Sprenger: "with decades of experience and commitment to design and research, I choose Sprenger with confidence for my horses so they can perform at their very best."

By Charlotte_Dujardin_2012_Olympic_Dressage.JPG: Equestrianderivative work: Nordlicht8 - This file was derived from Charlotte Dujardin 2012 Olympic Dressage.JPG:, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Carl Hester

Carl Hester MBE, is a British dressage rider competing at Olympic level. "The horse’s mouth is to be respected and Sprenger bits use only the finest metals and craftsmanship – giving me total reassurance. Your horse only has one mouth – so make sure you use the best bits available: Sprenger."

By The Rambling Man and Kim Ratcliffe of Think Equestrian - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Laura Tomlinson

Laura Tomlinson MBE is a German-born British dressage rider competing at Olympic level. "We use Sprenger bits for all our horses. Sprenger manufacture and design top quality, research proven bits. They are committed to providing a sensitive connection between horse and rider – a happy horse is a horse ridden in Sprenger. I wouldn’t use any other brand of bit."

By Berit from Redhill/Surrey, UK - Athletes parade, Olympic and Paralympic, London 2012. Uploaded by Kafuffle, CC BY 2.0,

Ruth Edge

Ruth Edge is a British four-star winning eventer, dressage rider and coach. "For me the Sprenger bits give me the ultimate feel and connection with my horse’s mouth and the quality is second to none."

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