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Why Choose Sprenger?

Optimal communication is the basis for performance and success

Long German heritage

Sprenger was founded in 1872 and is known across the world for research, design, and manufacture of quality horse bits. Their technologically advanced designs are made in Germany to the highest manufacturing process. The company has committed over 100 years to innovation in its field, and is quite rightly the world leader in bit research, design, and production.

Researching excellence

All Sprenger bits are manufactured with extensive market knowledge and in collaboration with a dedicated team of experts in medicine, sports, design, and research; contributing to international standards. Sprenger has spent decades working on the exclusive patented alloys which go into their bits. Its development centre strives to produce new innovative bits based on research data. Trusted by the best Horse welfare is a top priority, and a well-fitting high-quality bit offers the very best expression and communication between horse and rider, leading to excellent results. This is why Sprenger is loved and trusted by famous horse people, including Charlotte Dujardin, who use Sprenger bits at the highest competition level.

The Sprenger promise

Customers can trust they are getting the very best in quality and safety when they see the Sprenger seal of quality.

About the alloys

Sensogan offers a sensitive connection to the horse via the bit mouthpiece. Sensogan supersedes Aurigan as Sprenger’s most cutting edge alloy. Many Sprenger bits are now available in Sensogan, but you can buy many of the mouthpieces with bit rings and cheeks made from stainless steel and Aurigan.

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