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Clarity Edgeware

By Informed Designs Bits

The Clarity mouthpiece is one of  the Schooling versions of the Harmony it is  14mm in diameter and has a round lozenge and joints that give a little more feel to the action of the mouthpiece  it encourages a horse to move towards the bit but because of the structure of the joints discourages the Horse from getting too strong or set on the mouthpiece. As the reins are used together the whole mouthpiece is pulled around the tongue and lower jaw, the mouthpiece has a structured feel in the centre of the tongue to dissuade the horse from leaning on the bit.  It has a generous forward curve to stop the mouthpiece pinching the inside of the mouth 

Very useful for Horses or Ponies that need to

·         Pay more heed to the mouthpiece

·         Are just a littel strong for a Snaffle and need a little more

·         That block on one side as you flex or turn

Edgeware Cheek 
It is very important to have good balance when you create a cheek piece The part of the cheek above the mouthpiece ]the purchase] creates upper head and upper jaw pressure and the part of the cheekpiece below the mouthpiece [the shank] creates lower jaw pressure 
In order to send the Horse to the end of the rein and give good release and reward for work done these two measurements must create balance This cheek must always be use with a curb strap or chain never without this brings to bear a third point of pressure on the upper part of the lower jaw as the bit is used 

Rein Handling and options 
This bit can be used with Pelham Roundings and a leather jaw strap

It can also be ridden with two reins and instead of a jaw strap Quick links and a Chain 
~Informed designs think it is important to have options so you might consider Schooling with two reins and Jumping using the Roundings and using the Jaw Strap sometimes but having the option of using a chain if the Horse is quite strong 

  • This bit is available with a 30-day trial
  • NOT Dressage Legal

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