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The Merits of Neue Schule Salox Gold

Much time (both human and equine), money and expertise has been invested into researching and comparing the materials traditionally used for mouthpieces. This has resulted in the development of our unique Neue Schule Salox Gold.

Please refer to the graph below. Suppose for example that the horizontal scale is given in seconds (it is a relative scale). It is clear that within the first few fractions of a second, a Salox mouthpiece would feel warm to the horse (above 30 C) whereas the other mouthpieces are still warming up and none would have reached mouth temperature (37 C) even after 7 seconds. As the rein aids are applied and the mouthpiece changes position, this speed comes into action again, quickly adjusting to the new temperature as the bit moves in the mouth. It's the real racehorse of the warm metal World!

The merits of Salox Gold

Our Salox copper alloy is formulated to encourage acceptance through warmth and sweetness. These notions are often vaguely understood but we can explain them clearly as aspects of the measurable material properties of our mouthpiece alloy.

Comprising nickel-free copper, alloyed with other major and trace components, including trace non-metallic components, Salox boasts the fastest warm-up time of any of its competitors. The graph shows how much faster this can be.

Straight from the Horse's Mouth!

In essence, the rein aids are more definitive: because Salox maintains blood temperature, the mouthpiece no longer feels like a foreign body in the horse's mouth, therefore a relaxed acceptance of the bit is achieved. Horses that have previously been inwardly fixated on the bit and/or overactive in the mouth have proven to be attentive and responsive to the riders aids culminating in a soft consistent contact.

The all too familiar tension that a cold mouthpiece creates is not only eradicated but a simultaneous pacifying effect is obtained by the warm, sweet tasting Salox metal.

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