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Neue Schule Bits Products

106 products by this manufacturer.

The Neue Schule Collection is an exciting and innovative range of bits for all equines in all disciplines from hacking to Grand Prix and dressage.

Ergonomically designed, curved and lozenged, with many thinner options not previously available. The Neue Schule Salox is Neue Schule's unique composition - this is a warmer softer metal with a very high copper content and Neue Schule additive to maximise on oxidation (Nickel Free). This promotes salivation, mouthing, acceptance and communication.

Many horses that have previously only been bittable in rubber or nylon have proven extremely comfortable in the Neue Schule Salox. Neue Schule have specialised in bits and bitting for many years.

For more information about Neue Schule see Neue Schule - How New Bit Designs Evolve and Neue Schule - Bit Research and Development.

In order to measure your horse's mouth and source a correctly fitting bit, a Neue Schule bit measure is available to download from our website.


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