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By Beris

Product Code: 10282

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This is dressage legal

10282 Beris Filet/Baucher Mullen Mouth Comfort Bar Hanging Cheek Snaffle



*If Beris Bits are not in stock here in the UK, please note delivery can take up to 3 weeks as all items are handmade to order.

The bit places itself perfectly in the mouth. With rein action the mouthpiece changes its angle and
puts pressure on palate and tongue.

The Action of the Baucher

When a contact is taken the upper arm is angled forwards causing the mouthpiece to lift - thereby suspending it in the mouth and reducing the pressure across the tongue and the bars - this is often beneficial for cases of over sensitivity. Any extension above the mouthpiece causes poll pressure - this in itself has a head lowering action. However, if the horse is going forward into a contact and active behind this will encourage a rounding action and help tremendously with the outline

The form of the mouthpiece, as well as the soft transition to the rings prevent any pinching and make it also very stable in the horses mouth.

With its form and different available ring sizes this bit is especially suited for work with young horses. The smaller the rings, the faster and more direct the influence of the riders hand. The bigger the rings, the softer the influence of the hand.

With different degrees of hardness of the mouthpiece available, this bit can be fitted to almost any

Soft - flexible and pleasant in the mouth by a flexible steel core high security, particularly for
sensitive or young horse

Hard/firm - but by the material is very pleasant in the mouth, for very strong or very supporting

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