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By Bombers Bits

Product Code: BBEPB

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BBEPB Bombers Eggbutt Ported Barrel



*please note size 5 3/4" is currently out of stock*

The Eggbutt cheekpiece prevents pinching of the lips and give a slightly more solid feel against the side of the face. It also prevents the bit being pulled through the mouth. The release is slower and also introduces some poll pressure.

The Ported Barrel was created to relieve pressure on the tongue via the the medium port, which creates space for the tongue. The Barrel joint relieves pressure on the bars by spreading it over a larger area and limiting the nut cracker action of a conventional snaffle.

Size Conversion Chart

105cm - 4”
110cm - 4 ¼”
115cm - 4 ½”
120cm – 4 ¾”
125cm – 5”
130cm – 5 1/8”
135cm – 5 ¼”
140cm – 5 ½”
145cm – 5 ¾”
150cm – 6”
155cm – 6 1/8”
160cm – 6 ¼”
165cm – 6 ½”

Customer Reviews

Average customer rating:

Bombers Eggbutt Ported Barrel. Having always ridden my TB mare in a lozenge snaffle, I recently realised it was collapsing in her mouth and she was holding it with her tongue. I switched her to the Bombers ported barrel loose ring and she went well. However, I wanted to make sure it was the right bit and decided to try the eggbutt version. I had difficulty in finding the right size to try, until I consulted the Horse Bit Bank. This was the result "Just wanted to let you know that the bit will be staying! It is the perfect size and she's going better in this eggbutt than the loose ring version. Having the two will mean I can €˜ring the changes€™ if needed or just keep one for riding and the other on her lunging bridle. For info I was right about the size of 125 of the eggbutt (she needed the 130 in the l/r version to avoid pinching) and€“ in fact the mouthpieces ( the part actually in her mouth) are exactly the same length on both bits. She didn'€™t register the difference until I started to ride in the eggbutt and there was a moment of Oh, this is different€“ and then she just accepted it without a fuss, which is unusual for her! The eggbutt keeps the port in the right place in her mouth and is more stable for her. I also wanted to say thank you as€“ you were so helpful, with excellent communication. Lots of recommendations coming your way!

on 3rd September 2019
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