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By Sprenger Bits

Product Code: 40420-78

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40420-78 Sprenger Dynamic RS D-Ring Snaffle 14mm 75mm stainless steel rings SENSOGAN



The D-Rings prevent the bit from being pulled through the horse‘s mouth so it lies more steadily on the tongue giving a more comfortable feeling. Gentle pressure is pivoted directly onto the tongue ensuring light and precise rein aids. The fixed rings enable the rider a good contact with the bit and support sideways acting rein aids.

Dynamic RS bits are characterised by an ergonomically shaped mouthpiece. They lie perfectly in the horse's mouth resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew. Dynamic RS bits stimulate the horse to accept the bit more easily.

In addition the ergonomically formed mouthpiece allows a rapid and balanced effect on the tongue. This bit supports the contact to the corners of the mouth in a very effective way, keeping the horse on the bit. 

At the same time the gentle joint in the middle which is angled forward by 45° – the characteristic feature of the patented KK ULTRA bits – makes it a very friendly bit. Dynamic RS bits are made of SENSOGAN, the innovative material that ensures a sensitive connection to the horse.

Due to the curved joints the bit remains in the correct and central position on the tongue. The fine lozenge can direct gentle pressure pivotally onto the tongue.

The bit encourages the confidence of the horse in the rider‘s hand and increases safety.

Customer Reviews

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Having a young horse who had to have a tooth removed as it was backed made tongue waving a real issue. The stability offered by this bit combined with the tongue comfort seems, so far, to have stopped the habit in it's tracks. A more direct feel than with a loose ring, but offering the comfort and security my young horse likes. Being able to hire the bit before purchase, and indeed try others that did not work was a real bonus.

on 23rd September 2019
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