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By Informed Designs Bits

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Informed Designs Harmony D cheek 12mm



The Harmony mouthpiece actively encourages a horse to move towards and push his tongue forward to the contact .As the reins are used together the whole mouthpiece wraps around the tongue and lower jaw, taking in the whole of the tongue the sides of the lips and the sides of the bars and the sides of the lips in a perfect hoop. As the Round Lozenge is the correct length and the joints are neat and non invasive the Horse should move forward into the contact. Both branches of the bit are curved forward to go with the shape of the Horses tongue and roof of the mouth unlike some Lozenge Snaffles that really pinch the Horses lower jaw . Good young Horse starter Bit.

Very useful for Horses or Ponies that are uncomfortable with
  • A large joint or joints
  • Large long plates or lozenges
  • That block on one side as you flex or turn
  • or are very busy in the mouth
  • or do not draw the contact forward

The D Cheek is a really supportive cheek it has a flat feel against the horses face very useful in the training of young Horses as you are teaching them the basics of steering it allows the riders rein signal the be backed up with some additional but comfortable face pressure. Also very useful if your horse does several different disciplines such as Dressage and Jumping in the same snaffle bit it is a supportive cheek for balance and jumping turns and gives you a much more versatile range of signals for a combination of jobs.

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