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By Bombers Bits

Product Code: BBHTLR

This is available with a 30-day trial

This is dressage legal

BBHTLR Bombers Loose Ring Happy Tongue



Key Features

The Loose Ring allow for immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure. The bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse’s mouth.

The Happy Tongue is a solid mouthpiece uniquely ported to give maximum tongue relief. The standard Happy Tongue is curved to be softer on the bars and slow in applying tongue pressure.


Bomber’s preferred cheekpiece. The cheekpiece is available in 3 sizes; large, standard and a slightly smaller model for a pony. Bomber highly recommends using a bit strap on a loose ring, as it stabilizes and minimizes the mouthpiece sliding through the mouth. Consider bit rubbers as a precaution.


This is by far our most successful design – we recommend for all young horses and those that show tongue sensitive signs. The 4 available ports have been scaled according to each width. This ensures accurate fitting over the bars and eliminates the rocking movement which occurs when the port is too wide. The Happy Tongue is also available as a straight mouthpiece which is slightly stronger.

All our bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it:

  • oxidises easily
  • encourages salivation
  • helps bit acceptance
  • is warm and sweet

Please note the blue will fade with use.

Size Conversion Chart

105mm - 4”
110mm -  4 ¼”
115mm - 4 ½”
120mm – 4 ¾”
125mm – 5”
130mm – 5 1/8”
135mm – 5 ¼”
140mm – 5 ½”
145mm – 5 ¾”
150mm – 6”
155mm – 6 1/8”
160mm – 6 ¼”
165mm – 6 ½”

Customer Reviews

Average customer rating:

Jodie replies quickly and was able to advise me on what to try with a an extremely sensitive gelding who head shakes and then tucks his head between his knees! Excited to try this bit! Thanks for your expert advice again Jodie x

on 16th August 2019

I borrowed this bit from a friend before purchasing one for myself. My Irish Draught has a very fleshy mouth and the difference in his contact was immediate! From leaning on the bit constantly to a lovely soft contact and a light front end. Service has been excellent and delivery was incredibly quick!!

on 30th October 2018

I contacted Jodie at the bit bank when I started schooling my 4 year old ex-racehorse as I suspected that he was unhappy with my 'normal' selection of straightforward snaffles. Whilst being long-reined and lunged he jabbed himself in the mouth and tanked off, and whilst being ridden into any sort of contact he was lifting his nose in the air and going around like a giraffe! Jodie suggested the trying the happy tongue first, and reading about it, it seemed like a good option. I also read all of the information I could on her website and started looking at his mouth confirmation which matched what she suggested. The first time I put the bit in his mouth he didn't fuss at it at all whilst I was tacking up, which he had been previously. Riding him he only put his head up once and he hasn't done it again since then! He is much happier in his work and able to concentrate now that he isn't fussing over the bit. Would highly recommend Jodie and Bomber bits and should I need any other bits in the future, I will be contacting The Bit Bank in a flash! Thank you!

on 1st August 2018

I don't usually bother with reviews but your expert advice was much appreciated and spot on. I ordered the bit you suggested and it arrived in less than 24hrs. My horse is much more comfortable in it. Once I've got her in a rhythm she now just reaches into the contact. Super service and advice. Thank you

on 16th April 2018

Wish I had found this bit sooner!! Suits my mare with a large fleshy tongue - it's like having a new horse. No more head tossing and trying to get her tongue over bit. Thank You

on 10th November 2017

Tried this when my mare became unsettled and unhappy in her neue Schule Verdinbend, putting her rather large tongue over the bit, lolling it out her mouth, tilting her head, and excessively salivating. Tried another snaffle and she did not like it, straight away as I put this in her mouth she sought the contact for the first time in weeks and was consistent, settled and relaxed. She has continued to be happy it and gets better in the contact with every ride, over the moon with it and would recommend to anyone!

on 21st October 2017

this bit is fantastic. we had a very unhappy sports pony arrive with a very tiny head, but a big tongue who had ulcers in his mouth from too tight a flash and too strong a bit in previous home resulting in him being totally overbent all the time, which i guess was how he'd learned to avoid the pain a bit. We rode him bitless for a while and then introduced this bit and a micklem bridle and the difference is amazing- reaching for contact and nice still mouth. tried him back in various other bits from nathes to NS verbindens etc and all led back to fussy mouth and dropping behind the contact, so this bit is having a definite positive effect on him. Also tried it on another pony who is very sensitive ( does everything in a nathe snaffle), and he also went beautifully in it ( a connie also with a large tongue) so I cant praise it enough - happy ponies !

on 11th June 2017

I rang the horse bit bank for advice for my thoroughbred who had stopped taking the bit, had stopped jumping and had begun shaking his head. Jodie gave me really helpful advice and recommend this bit. I have a changed horse. He has started jumping properly again. My horse is a much happier horse again.

on 2nd March 2017

Many thanks Jodie on your advise today , nice to speak to some one helpful with good knowledge and no pressure. Now awaiting the arrival of my horses new bit !!

on 10th January 2017

I am so pleased with this bit..I feel like I have a new horse! It really has made all the difference, no more tongue lolling out the side and over bending to avoid contact. She feels more free in her movement and much more relaxed overall.

Many thanks to Jodie for her advice, I'll definitely use the Bit Bank again when it comes to buying the next bit.

on 30th August 2014

Ihave been working my pony in this bit for just over a month now and i am delighted with the improvement and above all a sense of his comfort.Yogi ( 12h welsh x , 13yrs old) has a large tongue.This bit gives him greater comfort which in turn gives a lovely elastic feel when he is both ridden & long reined.I wish i had used this company much earlier to trial & purchase their offered products.Yogi would have been much happier sooner.very many thanks

on 20th April 2012

this bit is brilliant-I have an anglo arab mare who has a very light mouth and was reluctant to accept the contact.I tried everything without success until I found this bit.She is much more stable in the rein,much stiller in her head,transitions are far better and she is really chilled out working now.The bit is a lovely comfortable fit and is very lightweight.Delighted and would recommend to anyone.

on 4th March 2012

Just to say thanks for the bit- I shall be very happily keeping both. My highland has a very fleshy tongue and little room in his mouth. He is no longer head shaking and tail swishing. My weekday helper has ridden him in this and agrees he is great in it.

Thanks for the help- I am a great fan of Bomber Bits

on 7th February 2012

I have had the Bomber Happy Tongue bit for a week now and I just cannot get over the improvement in that week.

My mare was extremely fussy in her mouth and resisted anything with a lozenge or peanut in her mouth to the point were she leaned so hard into the contact I had no control. She also would try to put her tongue over the bit and loll her tongue out the side of the mouth to avoid all contact. At times she would throw her head about so much I risked my nose.

With your help and fantastic advice I tried the bomber happy tongue loose ring eggbutt.

I now when tacking up do not have a horse with an outstretched neck, opening its mouth so wide in total resentment of the bit. I have a happy mare who takes the bridle and does not back off and content enough to wear a flash to teach her she does not have to evade the contact. This is now slowly being weaned off a hole at a time and I have no need for the martingale as she now rides into the contact soft and low, instead of hollowing her back and putting her head in the air.

Jumping is a delight as she is so soft in her mouth she is much calmer and content in a rhythm as readily accepts the contact.

No more leaning, pulled arms, flailing head and unhappy horse, I have a horse that is now willing to work and concentrating on me and not her mouth.

I am looking forward to what else is in store and definitely a convert to Bomber bits and cannot thank you enough for a fantastic service (even contacting me through the Christmas holidays) and swift delivery.

on 10th January 2012
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