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By Neue Schule Bits

Product Code: 8012HD

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8012HD Neue Schule Demi Anky Hunter D Ring 16mm



This would fall under the category of a fixed cheek - it also helps with the turning. The Hunter D cheek is bigger in order to prohibit the bit rings being pulled through the mouth.

Although single jointed, the NS Demi Anky is ergonomically designed to eradicate the nutcracker action and subsequent problems that the traditional straight-armed single jointed snaffle can cause. The cleverly curved mouthpiece eliminates upper palate interference and it also prevents it from lying too far forwards in the mouth causing pressure on the thinner more sensitive part of the tongue. It sweeps slightly away from the corner of the lip to lessen any chance of rubbing and the curvature down towards the bars achieves a gentle even weight bearing surface across the bars. When a contact is taken the mouthpiece forms a channel for the tongue giving relief over the thinner more sensitive outer edges. I find this design is very beneficial for horses that back off or only offer an intermittent contact or for the very rare occasion when a horse does not find a lozenge comfortable

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