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By Neue Schule Bits

Product Code: 901470

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This is dressage legal

901470 Starter Bit 14mm Diameter 70mm Rings



Make the first start the right start –establish the basics. The Starter is designed to promote acceptance and confidence in the contact. It is a common misconception that mouthing should be encouraged, when in fact it is quiet, relaxed acceptance we are aiming for. A gentle bit that encourages the horse to stretch the top line forwards and down into a soft consistent contact.

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This may be a pre-emptive review but I am so impressed that I felt I had to let others know! After an extremely helpful and professional lady ( I'm so sorry that I didn't note your name) guided me through the process, and reassured me that I was making the correct bitting (and training) choice for my late-broken powerhouse section D, I am truly amazed. I've used the bit twice, and the difference in her way of going is so profound that I feel I should recommend it already. I have not yet ridden her in it - hence the caveat - but in the Pessoa she offered a long stretch IMMEDIATELY and we long reined around open fields today in a long, relaxed and thoughtful frame. From a horse who was broken apparently with leverage and no care for her wonderful personality. I am deeply impressed. We are now in a position to communicate. I'm not one for quick fixes but I am truly amazed by the result of this single change. Will update when she's under saddle but I would wholeheartedly recommend for horses that haven't been given the chance to prove themselves.

on 9th August 2012
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