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By Neue Schule Bits

Product Code: 901270

This is available with a 30-day trial

This is dressage legal

901270 Team Up Bit 12mm Diameter 70mm Rings



NS NameTeamUp
Cheek ColourStainless Steel
Type of actionMild Loose Uplifting Action
CheekLoose Ring 70mm

Develop the partnership with this gentle all purpose training bit. Ergonomically curved to encompass the tongue and align itself underneath the upper palate, giving very even gentle weight distribution. The NS Team Up alleviates mouth over activity and tongue evasions therefore promoting a softer more consistent contact. It encourages the horse to soften through the jaw relaxing and lengthening the neck. Beneficial for the short tense neck without causing the horse to lean. Reinforces the turning aid.

Customer Reviews

Average customer rating:

After making a phone call to the Bit Bank, I proceeded to order this bit on trial together with the NS Slimma Weymouth (80157F) to use as a double combination. I bought this combination for my Hispano Arabe Stallion who is quite a handful and I want to go out and compete him. The bits that he came to me with, he absolutely hated and constantly clamped his jaw. He is too strong to just ride in a snaffle. This combination of bits was recommended to me as being particularly good with Iberian horses and having ridden him in the bits for the past 3 days, what a difference. He is going amazingly well and I feel like I have the right about of contact and moreover he is comfortable and there is no resistance. Thanks for much for all your advice on what to buy. I took the bits on trial but I will be keeping them.

on 31st October 2016

Absolutely amazed at the difference in my little horse with this bit. I was riding in an eggbutt snaffle and we were fighting each other for the first 20 minutes or more of our schooling sessions. I was about to give up hope of riding any dressage test when I tried this bit. Such a difference I now have a happy horse who is on the bit within a few minutes, much lighter in the contact and consistent. Just wish I had found this sooner. Thank you Neue Schule and The Horse Bit Bank !!

on 7th December 2015

After talking to someone on the helpline i decided to try the team up for my mare who was struggling to accept any contact. I had jumped her successfully BS in a hackamore for a while but as we moved up the classes the steering in it wasn't quite enough for me. I then moved her into a happy mouth lozenge loose ring snaffle but she chewed these and it was becoming far to expensive to buy them with the frequency she was going through them. She had never accepted any metal bit even neue schule warm material but as soon as she had this bit in her mouth she was much happier. I can now take up a good contact meaning i can keep her between hand and leg better when jumping and she is working very well on the flat now as well. I'd say a perfect bit for the sensitive mouthed horse. Thank you for helping me find such a perfect solution (and on the first try)!

on 21st December 2012

Thank you so much for the help you gave me over the telephone. My 15.3 TB ex racehorse goes so much better in this bit, he wants to go forward now and does not hang on the bit. His canter is also better as his head is not up in the air anymore and he likes to take the bit when you put the bridle on. My trainer has also commented on the improvement in him which was within 48 hours! Wish i had done something about his bit a lot sooner, but at least now we can progress with our dressage.

on 24th February 2012

You asked me to let you know how I got on after calling you for bitting advice about 8 months ago.
My horse, Leo, is a 12 year old 16.2 ex flat racing TB that I have owned for almost 5 years. He was ridden in a Happy Mouth loose ring snaffle with a 'peanut' lozenge as he is very light in the mouth and has brakes. He seemed to resent any other metal bits I had previously experimented with, but I had to buy a new Happy Mouth bit every few months due to him chewing them, creating sharp edges.

In February last year, I moved him from a basic livery yard to a proper Equestrian Centre, Hargate Hill in Glossop, Derbyshire. With so many facilities now at my disposal, I was able to do so much more with him than just hack or do limited schooling/jumping in a grass paddock.
I started to have regular flatwork lessons and competed in local clear round & novice SJ with some success. However, this led me to understand that there was a lot of room for improvement, especially in our flatwork.

To address the additional work I was asking Leo to do I had his "back, tack, tooth & hoof" MOT done - as I always had done anyway. Everything was fine so I now felt comfortable to change his bit to see if we could improve his way of going.
I called and gave you all this information and you recommended the Neue Schule Team Up.
I hired it from Bit Bank and within a week knew it was the right bit for Leo…so I bought it. It’s true, the secret’s in the Salox! He didn’t resent the metal at all.
My instructor commented on our first lesson using it that he sought the contact more readily and easily and didn’t worry so much in the mouth.

Since then, we have gone from strength to strength. My chiropractor has noticed that Leo is less tight through the poll and back, more free around the shoulder and hips.
Of course my regular flatwork lessons have contributed a great deal, as have ensuring that Leo has the correct dental, tack, hoof and back health check regimes in place, but I remain convinced that buying the Neue Schule Team Up bit was the final jigsaw piece that brought it all together.

Because of this I have been recommending Neue Schule, and the Bit Bank to every caring horse owner I know.

on 1st May 2011
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