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By WTP (Winning Tongue Plate)

Product Code: 21326

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21326 WTP 4 Ring Universal Extended Plate



WTP 4 Ring Universal Extended Plate.

  • Rated by riders and trainers as like having power steering.
  • The bit arms have limited travel, reducing outer ring pressure, preventing pain to the cheeks and lips.
  • The centre joint is 14mm lower than other bits preventing roof rubbing.
  • The plate also prevents bit pinching.
  • Benefits of the WTP bits are that they;
  • Stop the bit pinching the tongue.
  • Stop the horse getting the tongue over the bit.
  • Stop the tongue hanging outside the mouth.
  • Stop the horse pulling or bolting.
  • Stop the horse hanging and rearing.
  • Stop the horse headshaking.
  • Stop the displacement of the soft palate.
  • Stop abnormal respiratory noise.
  • Provide better oxygen supply, therefore provide better speed.
  • Are proven to prevent bleeding at exercise (EIPH).
  • Are proven to improve performance.
  • Are proven to reduce the horses heart rate.
  • Act as a more effective and kind anti rearing bit.

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