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shortshank04 Short Shank Combination Comfort Snaffle Low Port

By Myler Bits

Product Code: shortshank04

Please note the 5" and 5.5" versions have now been discontinued in the UK and replaced with the medium shank combination - this can be found under the medium shank catagory

sweet iron mouthpiece.


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Customer Reviews

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I bought this bit for my 10 year old daughter's Welsh Sec A pony, which, although well-schooled, can get excited when cantering and jumping. My daughter is tiny and not very strong. I have spent a fortune trying to find a bit that he would accept without snatching and sticking his tongue out. He has a sensitive mouth and a big tongue. He has had a lot of Parelli training and responds very well to nose pressure but tends to ignore the Parelli halter when excited. I would have tried a Parelli Cradle but they don't make it in a small enough size so I thought the Myler Short Shank Combination 04 was the next best thing. Result? Happy confident pony, no snatching (low port giving tongue relief?), happy confident child! 

shortshank04 Short Shank Combination Comfort Snaffle Low Port

This is not a bit that I would have chosen BUT it comes very highly recommended by a friend who was the previous owner of the mare its intended for and, having used it with the mare once, know of its capabilities. This particular mare is strong, has a soft mouth and needs a bit that she will respect and this one is the very best on the market. My friend has a wealth of experience and knowledge in bits and bitting and I therefore deeply respect her judgement. Having done the research I now have to agree that Myler are, without question, the best bits on the market today - hence the reason I'm buying a second one [full04] for my 5 year old gelding. In my opinion these two bits will be money well spent

shortshank04 Short Shank Combination Comfort Snaffle Low Port


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