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HCsmall02 Small Hanging Cheek Comfort Snaffle

By Myler Bits

Product Code: HCsmall02

MB02 Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel

Myler Comfort version of French Link but no pinch, wrap not nutcracker action, and allows Independent Side Movement (ISM) with suitable cheeks.

Puts smooth pressure across 1 ?" barrel on centre of tongue and collapses to wrap outer lip and bar.

Myler Level One - ideal for young horse in early stage of training, learning to bend and balance.

Dressage Legal with permissible cheek.

  • This bit is available with a 30-day trial
  • Dressage Legal

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Customer Reviews

Avg customer rating:  

My mare used to head shake after about 10 minutes in any bit tried but this one has been fab. She is fleshy tongued and not much room in her mouth so all nutcracker action must have been causing some discomfort. The poll action has also lowered her head carriage and she has a must more relaxed way of going altogether.

HCsmall02 Small Hanging Cheek Comfort Snaffle

After what felt like buying a million bits I stumbled across this site, I talked to the bitting adviser who recommended this for a typical sports horse mouth low pallette and fat tongue who liked to lean on contact. Im now aiming for my first bd 95 % better with this bit. Brilliant for a sensitive mouth, gives clear concise aids with the independent arms and slight poll presure to get my mares head out the clouds. Ill soon be shopping for my jumping bit as I wont shop anywhere else now ! Thank you !

HCsmall02 Small Hanging Cheek Comfort Snaffle


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