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42020-88 Sprenger Comfort Mouth Pelham Aurigan 45mm shank length 16mm thickness

By Sprenger Bits

Product Code: 42020-88

Comfort Mouth – the name speaks for itself. 

The mouthpiece provides the horse with ultimate comfort and makes it accepting of the rider‘s hand. The port offers broad space for long and fleshy tongues. The bit helps to prevent tongue vices in an ideal way.

Pelhams can be used with one or two reins, which enables different rein options. Direct pressure is applied to the horse’s tongue and bars if the rider only uses the snaffle rein. If horses tend to toss the head it makes sense to attach a second rein to the lower cheek piece ring to apply pressure on the horse’s poll. The horse will try to dodge this pressure by lowering the head. The curb chain should come into play at maximum angle of 45° (lower cheek to horse’s mouth) to avoid the horse lowering its head too much.

Incorporating the Mouthpiece of the Bemelmans Weymouth, this forward-angled curved design offers maximum tongue room.

Designed for horses that put their tongue over the bit, this clever design puts a soft and even distribution of pressure across the entire width of the tongue.

The mouthpiece thickness is 16mm and is made from Sprengers patented Aurigan alloy, encouraging salivation and acceptance of the bit.

Shank length 4.5cm

Available to trial and buy in sizes 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/4" and 5 3/4"

  • This bit is available with a 30-day trial
  • NOT Dressage Legal

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