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Sprenger – only the best for horse and rider.

Since 1872 SPRENGER sets new standards in the production of bits, stirrups and spurs.

The unique combination of collaboration with professionals in the fields of sports, medicine, design and research, quality "Made in Germany", decades of experience and great market knowledge, make Sprenger the worldwide leading manufacturer in this sector.

Sprenger Sprenger Novocontact Turnado Max Control WH Ultra KK Ultra WH Ultra Soft Sensogan

NS Tranz Angled Lozenge ...

Need to promote a true consistent contact? If your horse is tentative into the contact (inconsistent), the NS Eggbutt offers the stability within the mouth needed to boost the horse's confidence causing it to seek the bit taking the rein forwards. Very beneficial for short tense necks. Also excellent for directional control. Unlike traditional eggbutts, feel and response is not lost i.e. the horse will not fix against the hand.

NS Tranz Angled Lozenge ... NS Tranz Angled Lozenge ...

Sprenger KD curb chain

24 LINKS Advantages of the KD curb chain (left and right twisted curb links) • Helps to prevent mouth and tongue vices. • Reduces the habit of sticking out the tongue. • Protects the flews. • Assists contact to the bit, suppleness and the horse’s chewing activity. • Leads an even and well balanceddistribution of pressure on the tongue. • Supports the horse’s concentrationand throughness. • Promotes the horse’s willingness to perform.

Sprenger KD curb chain Sprenger KD curb chain

Turtle Tactio 70mm loose ring

The Turtle Tactio is the latest in the Turtle Family. Specifically engineered to accommodate the larger or sensitive tongue, especially useful where a nose band is used. The unique design delivers supreme comfort for the horse and encourages acceptance of the bit and rider instruction. The Turtle Tactio was awarded Highly Commended at BETA International Innovation Award 2016, the Judges explained what made them rate the product so highly: ‘We loved seeing a product where horse welfare and comfort are the paramount concerns – along with inspired innovation.’ The Tactio sizing is the same as the Turtle Top but also features an XS size, great for ponies when used with the 55mm ring.   Sizing   Turtle top and the flex design concept together make identifying the optimum length of your bit easier than ever. The improvement in fit to mouth anatomy means that selecting the ideal turtle top with flex bit for your horse is readily achived. The design is available in sizes between 118 and 168mm   X SMALL 108-118mm SMALL - 118-128mm MEDIUM - 128-138mm LARGE - 138-148mm XL - 148-158mm XXL - 158-168mm  

Turtle Tactio 70mm loose ring Turtle Tactio 70mm loose ring


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