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Sprenger – only the best for horse and rider.

Since 1872 SPRENGER sets new standards in the production of bits, stirrups and spurs.

The unique combination of collaboration with professionals in the fields of sports, medicine, design and research, quality "Made in Germany", decades of experience and great market knowledge, make Sprenger the worldwide leading manufacturer in this sector.

Sprenger Sprenger Novocontact Turnado Max Control WH Ultra KK Ultra WH Ultra Soft Sensogan

KK Ultra Universal 16mm ...

This bit is also extremely versatile as the 3-Ring bits due to the different rein options. It is a good choice for sensitive horses as it is a little bit softer than model 40607, leading to a higher level of acceptance. The lever action has a slight delay due to the lateral offset position of the upper ring. Cross-Country riders sometimes prefer to add a curb strap to get more direct action. The pressure on the poll is limited that way. KK ULTRA – Compared to conventional bits, the double jointed KK ULTRAs have a middle link – also known as the bean – that is shortened and angled forward by 45°. Only with this angle the middle link lies gently on the tongue resulting in even and constant contact to allow clear instructions through the reins. The innovative KK ULTRA bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitvity of the horse‘s tongue which multiplies the perceptions from signals given by the bit. When the reins are pulled the middle part of the KK ULTRA fully rests on the tongue without squeezing and the connection rings roll on the tongue. The tongue‘s sense of touch is utilised and clear instructions can be given. The KK ULTRA bits provide an incomparable precise contact between rider and horse. A huge improvement can normally be seen immediately when switching to a KK ULTRA bit. The anatomically adapted mouthpiece is very comfortable for the horse as the rider can give softer instructions and the horse‘s suppleness is supported harmoniously.

KK Ultra Universal 16mm ... KK Ultra Universal 16mm ...

Waterford Balding Gag

NS Waterford Balding Gag - Excellent for horses that snatch, lean down, pull or grab the mouthpiece. The Waterford mouthpiece flexes in all directions so usually suits all types of mouth conformation. The Balding Gag has Loose Ring cheeks which makes it more mobile than the Cheltenham and Nelson Gags. This helps to encourage your horse to keep a relaxed jaw and mouth. The loose ring may be useful if your horse leans on the bit, or takes hold, as the bit is always movable so the horse cannot take hold as easily as they could with a fixed cheek. The Effect - The first rein attached to the snaffle ring will act as a normal loose ring, the second rein on the gag cheek has a running effect using poll pressure and mouth pressure. The poll pressure encourages the horse to lower the head and become rounder, Poll pressure is also associated with leverage and breaks, and is therefore used on strong horses. Very usefully if your horse "hoovers the ground" as the balding gag has a head raising action also. Encourages the horse to lighten in front. Balding, Cheltenham and Nelson Gags are to be used with gag cheeks, the gag cheeks thread through the holes in the bit. These can be purchased under the Neue Schule Accessories category as well as the Bit Accessories category. Gag cheeks are available in rollen leather or rope, in both black and brown. The leather cheeks look more pleasing to the eye, and offer a softer action than the rope cheeks. This is often more beneficial for the younger or more sensitive horse. The rope cheeks move a lot quicker and therefore have a faster and clearer aid. The Balding gag should be used with two reins, the first rein should be attached to the actual loose ring and then the second attached to the rings on the gag cheeks.

Waterford Balding Gag Waterford Balding Gag

NS Waterford Pelham - 14mm

Neue Schule Waterford Pelham - 14mm Need help in the show ring? This design is very popular in the show ring especially with the cresty necked show cobs. It almost invariably gives the desired control, lifts the shoulder and softens the neck for flexion and bend. Incorporates our new elegant cheek design.

NS Waterford Pelham - 14mm NS Waterford Pelham - 14mm


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