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How the Bit Bank Service Works

The Horse Bit Bank offers a Bit Bank service that lets you try out our bits on your horse. Bits can be sold with or without the 30 day trial period.

The Horse Bit Bank strives to send new bits to our customers each time; however this is not always possible. If you do receive a previously trialled bit and you are happy with it then this can be exchanged for a new version (postage costs applicable)

All bits (not including Nathe, Happy Mouth Bits, and Rubber Mouthpieces) are automatically sold with the 30-day trial. This means that you may receive a used bit unless otherwise specified at checkout.

Display of Bits for Trial and Not for Trial

Our web site displays whether or not a bit is available for trial. Please see the examples below:

Bit page where 30 day trial IS available

Bit page where 30 day trial IS NOT available

Buying a New, Unused Bit

Most bits are available to purchase new, without the 30-day trial. Please indicate when adding the item to the basket if you would like to receive a new bit without the 30-day trial facility, as shown in the image below.

Charges for Bit Hire

Hire charges are for individual bits. There is no hire charge on bits that are not returned to the Bit Bank.

Hire Charges per individual bit

Bits valued up toHire Charge

Trialling Bits

It is the customer's responsibility to take care of the bit, please make sure that the bit is kept in good condition throughout the trial period. The customer is also responsible that the bit is kept safe from theft and loss, as you cannot request a refund for the bit after the 30 day trial.

It is recommended that the bits are returned via a record able and insurable postal facility as The Horse Bit Bank cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in the post when being returned.

The 30 days trial period will start from the invoice date which is included. The return date that the bit must be returned to The Horse Bit Bank by will be stated on the letter also included and will be approximately 30 days after the invoice date.

Dates to which the bit should be returned may be subject to change if the day falls on a Public Holiday. If the bit is not returned by that date then the trial period will have ended and the bit will not be eligible for refund.

We will refund you the price of the bit minus a small hire charge, levied on returned bits.

Health and Sanitation

Should you want to return the bit to us please make sure that you clean the bit thoroughly. Please clean the bit with warm only. We will thoroughly clean and disinfected all bits returned to us to kill any germs and bacteria. It is recommended that you thoroughly clean and disinfect the bit yourself again as a double precaution as The Horse Bit Bank cannot be held responsible for any diseases, infections, viruses or mouth sores or ulcers or any other medical condition that appears after trialling one of the bits from The Horse Bit Bank.

Please see our Store Policies page for more information.