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Informed Designs Attention Eggbutt

By Informed Designs Bits

Is a curved mouthpiece with a  Flat link in the middle so often French Link Style  plates can be so long that they interfere with the edge of the Horses tongue and the bars of the mouth and the really long ones can even end up in the corner of the lip A Horse is never going to respond well to a joint scraping into an area the hurts
The Attention has a purposely small plate to keep the signals in the centre of the tongue where they are of the most use
Very useful of Horses and Ponies that need to

Be a little higher in the frame
Be lighter in the Hand
Be more respectful of the action of the bit

The Eggbutt cheek means that the mouthpiece is solidly attached to the cheek piece which has the advantage of firstly making sure that the corners of the lips of the Horse are always comfortable as there is no gap between the cheek and the mouthpiece. Also because of this solid fixing the action is well defined as you apply rein pressure the signal to the Horse is quicker and therefore very clear. You gain stability and a certain amount of directional support. As your Horse progresses through its training perhaps having quicker slicker signals is an advantage to the work you are doing.

  • This bit is available with a 30-day trial
  • Dressage Legal

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