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Informed Designs Eggbutt Symmetry 12mm

By Informed Designs Bits


Symmetry Eggbutt Snaffle

The Symmetry this is the only one of my mouthpieces that does two completely different things if a horse is very busy in the mouth and is too light and needs to draw the rein forward this mouthpieces actively encourages a horse to move towards and push his tongue forward to the contact .As the reins are used together the whole mouthpiece curves around the tongue the tongue evenly pressing the tongue down into the lower jaw. This mouth will be too exacting on this cheek if the Horse has a tendency to put the tongue over the bit. At the other end of the scale if a Horse is very heavy and solid on the bit the Symmetry often lightens them up as long as again there is not tendency to put the tongue over the bit 
This mouthpiece is generous so order a size down from the one you normally choose 
Very useful for Horses or Ponies that are uncomfortable with

·         any sort of joint or joints

·         any pinch or collapse to the mouthpiece

·         or are very busy in the mouth

·         or do not draw the contact forward 
a horse that puts its tongue over the bit 

·         or at the other end of the scale are very solid and heavy on the rein  
The Eggbutt cheek means that the mouthpiece is solidly attached to the cheek piece which has the advantage of firstly making sure that the corners of the lips of the Horse are always comfortable as there is no gap between the cheek and the mouthpiece. Also because of this solid fixing the action is well defined as you apply rein pressure the signal to the Horse is quicker and therefore very clear. You gain stability and a certain amount of directional support. As your Horse progresses through its training perhaps having quicker slicker signals is an advantage to the work you are doing.
  • This bit is available with a 30-day trial
  • Dressage Legal

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Customer Reviews

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I am very pleased with this Infomed Designs Mullen Eggbutt round curve bit. My youngster used to curl over and basically 'go' when out hacking with others. With the new bit she is learning to sit back more on her hocks and the curl is a thing of the past. We now have a nice collected canter both hacking and in the school. This is a good bit for a cobby type and they seem very happy in it. I have also had excellent results with the same bit and my veteran mare who has become rather on the forehand, again in canter. 

Informed Designs Eggbutt Symmetry 12mm

This is a fantastic design. very good on horses whose tongue is little large for mouth. Promotes confidence and stability. I use it on my home bred who hates a jointed snaffle but found a straight bar happy mouth too much of a mouthful. Keen to try the loose ring version on another horse too! Don't be put off by the severe looking curve of the mouth piece, it really sits well, particularly in tight mouth conformation.

Informed Designs Eggbutt Symmetry 12mm


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