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Loose Ring Cherry Roller Happy Tongue

By Bombers Bits

A horse shaking its head when bit pressure is applied or its tongue trying to escape the bit are classic signs the horse has a sensitive tongue. With this in mind the Happy Tongue was created, it has a medium port creating space for the tongue, relieving pressure, allowing the horse to relax.

The Cherry Rollers are constructed tightly so there is no chance of pinching. They roll in the horses mouth giving him something to play with and reducing the likelihood of the bit being held in the horse's teeth.

When pulling on the reins, the rollers allow the bit to move along the bars of the horse's jaws as opposed to rubbing.

Very useful for horses that:

  • lose sensitivity over time
  • lose concentration
  • cross their jaws

The Cherry Roller can be combined with any 3 piece bit.

All our bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it:

  • oxidises easily
  • encourages salivation
  • helps bit acceptance
  • is warm and sweet

Please note the blue will fade with use.

  • This bit is available with a 30-day trial
  • NOT Dressage Legal

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Customer Reviews

Avg customer rating:  

I took on a 16’3hh rescue horse brought as seen not knowing what he would be like to ride. As most rescue animals he has his problems his mouth being one. I couldn’t even get near him with a bridle to start with or even just a bit, but with time patients and a lot of treats progress was made. I started with a jointed bit and had problems and found him quite strong, so was recommended a Waterford jumper. That didn’t work. I tried a few others including a Pee Wee and Myler ported. He would open his mouth, stick his nose out wouldn’t turn and kept putting his tongue over the bit. I went on line and read about loads of bits and the Bomber Loose Ring Cherry Roller Happy Tongue really stood out to me and although this is a milder bit I wanted him to be happy in his mouth. Since I have been using this bit he is getting more and more relaxed, he can’t get his tongue over it and he did try in the early days, he no longer opens his mouth all the time and has even started to salivate. One happy horse and one happy owner. Regards Julia and Jester

Loose Ring Cherry Roller Happy Tongue


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