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Neue Schule How New Bit Designs Evolve

How New Neue Schule Bit Designs Evolve

New designs are born out of necessity or need. Heather Hyde the founder of Neue Schule Bits has been involved in assessing the needs of horses and their riders for many years and has developed a deep understanding of both, this is how initial ideas start to form.

We start with a good idea, with the customer in mind, using our extensive experience and knowlege the design team go about producing initial drawings.

The next stage is to produce computer models, this allows us to carry out simulations to check for function and manufacturing issues, it also allows us to craete realistic visual representations.

The use of sophisticated Computer Aided Design techniques and accurate manufacturing methods also allows us to produce an extensive, ergonomically accurate range of mouthpieces and cheeks that perform consistently well.

When we have a suitable design concept samples are manufactured and product testing can begin.

Firstly the bits are tested on horses that we know extremely well. If we obtain positive results then these new designs are distributed to well known riders in every discipline. It is not until we have received beneficial reports across the board that we start full scale production.

View our range of Neue Schule Bits or view Neue Schule Bit Research and Development.

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