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80287F NS Dressage Warmblood Weymouth

By Neue Schule Bits

Product Code: 80287F

NS Thinner 45 Degree Forward Tilted Ported Weymouth 14mm 7cm Shanks. Dressage Legal.

Don't loose precious marks through tongue evasions! New lightweight, elegant cheek design.

The forward cut port is very cleverly designed giving generous tongue relief without causing upper palate interference. It is extremely popular with the large tongued KWPN, Hanoverians etc. This design has often proven the panacea to many long term tongue evasions.

  • This bit is available with a 30-day trial
  • Dressage Legal

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Customer Reviews

Avg customer rating:  

I have just purchased this along with the Verbindend for my 17hh Irish Draught. As he has a fleshy mouth it was great to be offered a 14mm mouthpiece. He is much happier in this combination than his previous set. Thanks to the team at The Horse Bit Bank for their advice and prompt delivery!

80287F NS Dressage Warmblood Weymouth

I am so over the moon happy with this bit!!!!!! I have two boys in the double now and one was sticking out his tongue and the other was grinding. Both problems have been solved with this bit. They are much much happier now because they have more tongue room and its thinner than my previous bit. I highly recommend this bit !!!!!

80287F NS Dressage Warmblood Weymouth


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