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40801 Sprenger Duo Loose Ring Snaffle 16mm

By Sprenger Bits

Product Code: 40801

  • 16mm thickness
  • Size 4.5" - 55mm rings
  • Sizes 5"-5.75" 70mm rings
  • Encourage the Horse to Chew
  • Kind to the Tongue and Mouth
  • Enforced with a Steel Cable
  • Guaranteed against breakage for 3 Years
  • Straight edged flexible bar which leaves space for the tongue.
  • This bit is not available with a 30-day trial

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Customer Reviews

Avg customer rating:  

This is the bit for Roxy my youngster after much searching and trying various bits she seems so much happier in this non metal, room for her tongue bit. Great service from the bit bank - thank you

40801 Sprenger Duo Loose Ring Snaffle 16mm

This bit seems to be the answer for my very sensitive but strong ID/TB gelding. After trying several snaffles in the year I've owned him (and having his teeth checked both by dentist and vet) this is the only bit that he's accepted really well without fussing, snatching, throwing his head in the air, or leaning, and now contact and collection are finally possible! I'm delighted with it and I know he's not uncomfortable in his mouth any more. It's so often counter-intuitive to use a mild bit on a strong horse but this one has solved a host of problems and he's a much happier horse. You also offered the best price I could find anywhere. For anyone who's reading this and has a bolshy but sensitive horse this could help (I also have a brilliant instructor who first suggested a rubber or plastic bit, and I use it with a standing martingale). Thank you!

40801 Sprenger Duo Loose Ring Snaffle 16mm

my young colt has a very light mouth and with very much helpful discussions with The Horse Bit Bank i settled on this bit. I could not believe how much more settled straight away my horse was, he went from being reluctant to go forward to happy and relaxed straight away. Pleased to recommend this bit and website to one and all.

40801 Sprenger Duo Loose Ring Snaffle 16mm


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