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8029 Waterford Loose Ring 14mm 70mm rings

By Neue Schule Bits

Product Code: 8029

NS Name Waterford
Cheek Loose Ring
Type of action Mild Loose Uplifting Action
Mouthpiece Thickness 14mm
Ring Size 70mm
Cheek Colour Stainless Steel
Code 8029

Need a lighter forehand? Heavy on the forehand or possibly inclined to snatch and pull you out of the saddle? This bit is often used for training purposes to promote self carriage and response. As the Waterford bends in every direction it usually suits all types of mouth conformation, including big, fat tongues. This slimmer, innovative Waterford mouthpiece features a lip shelf which eradicates the previously common problem of rubs.

  • This bit is available with a 30-day trial
  • NOT Dressage Legal

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Customer Reviews

Avg customer rating:  

I have a cob who has only previously been happy and settled in a straight bar Nathe bit for many years. I have tried all sorts of bits on the market and she has hated every one. Reading the above review and decided that I really did need a bit of help on fun rides and jumping I tried the Waterford as a last resort. This bit is amazing!! She is settled at faster paces, no snatching, no fighting and hacking has become a pleasure for both of us. Thanks.

8029 Waterford Loose Ring 14mm 70mm rings

Bought this for my new cob who is very strong and quite rude. Previous owner had him in a jointed Pelham in which he'd learned every evasion going. The loose ring Waterford snaffle lightened his forehand and softened his mouth. Combined with schooling work I now have infinitely more control over him. He still gets strong but I can now bring him back to me. It has saved my skin on more than one occasion out on hacks when he has threatened to bolt. A fantastic bit but sympathetic hands needed. Also the NS is far superior to the bulky cheaper waterfords which look uncomfortable. Will definitely consider a NS Waterford Pelham for showing this season.

8029 Waterford Loose Ring 14mm 70mm rings


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